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Below is a selection of comments about our wooden toys business. Each is from a different customer somewhere around the world.

Hello, Order arrived today, we like the toys so much. If you have more products apart from the ones on your web page, please let us know. Thank You,.....Spain, 27.10.2011.

We received the package yesterday and love the toys. Thanks!!.....USA, 9.10.2011.

Hello Hamish! I just received the woodentoy today - it looks fine and I really look forward to sell it......Denmark, 3.10.2011.

The parcel arrived yesterday and my niece is really pleased with it. I called in on my way home yesterday and it was just as I remember them as a child. Thanks for the very good service and the personal touches......UK, 30.9.2011.

I am very happy with toys and they are selling well. I will be putting in another order, do you have any Halloween or Christmas designs?.....UK, 16.9.2011.

I received my order. I was very pleased with the quality and hope to make another order in the near future......UK, 24.8.2011.

We received the delivery and shipped the wholesale out. Good service.

Hello Hamish, Just wanted to let you know that I received all the toys on Tuesday.  They are beautiful and better than I expected!!  Also, thanks for the penguin toy - what a clever little toy!  I gave it to my daughter – she loves it!  Perhaps I'll order some next time!

Hamish, I have received everything alright. Thanks a lot. I hope the economy crisis will not affect the Christmas business too much. Anyway, I will send you a sales statistics after Xmas.

Absolutely delighted with the two slope walkers which arrived today. Great quality. We already have two + a long slope from Holtz toys, but the duck & the penguin are more characterful. Our grandson will be delighted too. Thank you. Pat Bunce

Recieved the toys today,we are very pleased with them excelent quality, before we had finished putting them out we had sold 3 items , hope to be ordering again sooner than later.

Just to let you know that the toys arrived today and they are fantastic . The children think they are great Thank you for all your help

Just want to say thankyou very much for the speedy delivery of the toys, they look wonderful and we hope they are a big hit!.

Thank you for the delivery of your toys, they continue to be the most popular in our shop and we look forward to doing a great deal of business with you in the future.

Thank you. Confirming that payment has been made by credit card Excellent service, hope we can do more business with you.

Main delivery - ST1017/1 - arrived safely yesterday. The toys look good!

The cat and dog push ups are liked by all. Excellent quality!

I love your wooden and old fashioned toys. We have a Walking Duck at home and my Grandchildren have the Walking Elephant. Keep making these lovely, unique and quality toys! Thank you for your help. 

The toys were a huge hit and sold out within hours. I just wanted to say an enormous thank you

I'm very happy with the 3 puzzles I have that you made (T01 Tower, NA1 Natural Spinning Puzzle, and BU1 Butterfly Puzzle).

Thank you again for your patience!

Thank you for answering so promptly - I'm very impressed with your efficiency and I am sure I will be impressed with the toys too. Thank you.

I like your wooden toys. I think they're perfect for our mail-order catalogs. 

I was very happy with the quality of the puzzles. I just got the butterfly puzzle in the mail today, and it's beautiful. Thanks for packaging it so well. Thanks again.

Just got one for my daughter she loves it.

Thanks you for informing me that they have been sent and for always answering my emails promptly.  Your attention has been much appreciated. The package of toys arrived today.  My husband and I are having a good time playing with them all.  Everything arrived in good condition and the order is complete.  Also, we very much like our extra toy - the push up Santa!! Thank you for everything.

The toys arrived 17.11.04 and they are everything that I expected. I am paying the next invoice at the end of the week.

Thank you for getting in touch. That was so kind of you. Yes the package of toys arrived safely and I am delighted with them. Best Wishes.

We received the wooden toy order on Friday.  Everything worked out with the shipping just fine.  Thank you so much. We are extremely pleased with the quality of your toys! We look forward to receiving the next shipment.

Thank you for your order. The toys are beautiful! Thanks for sending us the order and we look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Payment is done. Please acknowledge and confirm. THANK YOU. THANK YOU! for your patience and understanding.

Sorry for the late reply! I got your puzzle in the mail last week, and it is beautiful! I think it's the best quality version of this puzzle I've ever seen, and I'm so glad that I ordered it from you. Now if I can only solve it...  :) Can you tell me what kind wood it's made of? I'd like to be able to tell people.

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, we have been away at a festival for a few days. The toys did arrive in time, and all the staff had a great time unpacking and checking out the samples! Test marketing at the festival was also a great success. Everyone is delighted with the quality of the workmanship, which far exceeds the quality of most of the toys our own children have had!

The beautifully made farm arrived yesterday (Tuesday), we all love it.

My 4 year old grandson Freddie will be the lucky recipient at Christmas.

Karen (his mom, our daughter) will ensure that it out on show when she has friends around, they move in higher circles than us and I am hoping that she can drum up more business for you.

Received the first parcel of toys 17/11/04 and they are everything I had hoped, lovely toys, and I have already started selling them, (problem),going to need the rest of this order asap. 

Hi Hamish. I've just received the order...the toys are magnificent! They're really nice and great quality. Kinda makes me wish I was a kid again:-)! Thanks so much for the quick dispatch and hope to keep doing business with you guys. Thanks again

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