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Wooden Puzzle Solutions

Parents’ Puzzling Tips for Educational Childrens Puzzles

Our wooden puzzles are handmade by a woodworking puzzle maker and designer. They are top quality wooden crafts made with good beech wood in the Czech Republic. They are originals and becoming collector’s items the world over.

On this page we are posting some of our puzzle solutions, links to interesting wood puzzle related sites and puzzling articles. This page will be updated from time to time. So, please come back again if you do not find what you are looking for today. Alternatively, sign up for our newsletter or contact us with a request and we will try our best to help. We hope that you will find this page useful, please tell us what you think: toymaker@woodentoys-shop.com. If you would like to tell us about a wood puzzle, add a puzzling story here, add or exchange a link please contact us.

Wooden Puzzle Solutions

These puzzles can be done. Please try to work them out for yourself first before reading the solution. Due to being hand made sometimes the more intricately made puzzles below are not all exactly the same and therefore some solutions below may not apply.

Canary in a Cage Brain Teaser

Help the handmade wooden bird out of her cage using no excessive force. Ideal for all ages from 8 years upwards.
  1. Find the bars with the widest opening.
  2. With the wings down tilt the canary until the corner of her tail is through the bars, if correct her legs and wings will straddle the next bar.
  3. Now gently tilt the crafted bird to the left diagonally until her tail is completely outside.
  4. Next move her wings sp that they point up to her head, her legs will now pass through the gap.
  5. Turn the canary on to her side, a little resistance will be felt (use no force), pull until her beak touches the bar.
  6. Now for the tricky bit, with the beak touching the bar pull the tail sideways so that the top of her head and the curved tops of her wings just scrape. After a little resistance against the bars Hey Presto she is free.

To return the bird to her cage carefully reverse the process.

Leo the Lion Brainteasing Puzzle

The object is to take the handcrafted wood lion out of the cage. Ideal for all ages from 9 years upwards.
  1. Look at the bars in the cage, one set is slightly further apart than the others.
  2. With Leo, the wooden lion, upside down manipulate him until his tail and one leg is through the bars, his other hind leg will be through the side bar.
  3. Now turn Leo onto his side so that both legs and his tail are through the wider bars.
  4. Next turn him onto his back and pull, sliding him out, until his front legs tough the bars.
  5. The final move is to raise Leo up diagonally so that his front legs protrude through the bars and the hollow under his mane engages with the middle end bar. Just twist him to the left; a little resistance will be felt and then Hey Presto he’s free.

To replace him carefully reverse the process.

Lion and Canary Puzzle Solutions by Cyril Hobbins Toymaker of Kenilworth, England CV8 1NG.

Hedgehog in a Cage

A woodworking vintage puzzle that is easy once you know how. The object is to take the wood figure out of the cage. Look for the largest gap between any two bars and work the wooden figure out. It is Ideal for all ages from 6 years upwards.

Parents’ Puzzling Tips for Educational Childrens Puzzles

Please click here to go to Educational toys – toys in education today where you will find some tips to help children get the most out of puzzles and jigsaws.

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